BioMeter 3.0

Shows biorhythm measurements of up to five people

BioMeter is a simple application that will allow you to be aware of your biorhythm levels whenever you want. The theory of biorhythm states that your body is affected by biological cycles that are constant from the day you were born until you pass away.

There are three main cycles. The first, the physic cycle controls your body. The second, the intellectual cycle controls your mind. The third, the psychic cycle controls your feelings.

According to the biorhythm theory, because your cycles remain constant, you can predict the state of these aspects in your life. This explains why on some days you feel tired, despite having slept enough or have certain feelings for no apparent reason.

BioMeter is a tool that allows you to have your own biorhythm levels on hand. This software program is designed to calculate the biorhythm levels of 5 people simultaneously, so you can know other people’s state too.

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